Feedback from the Field - Modern Cabinet Poughkeepsie, NY

To whom it may concern,

Circle T’s LM116 machine is an absolute home run! We operate a mid-sized high-end custom cabinet shop and utilize well over a hundred feet of mitered joinery a day. Applications include, finished sides of cabinets, filler-returns, lumber edges on tops and shelfs, etc. We lock-miter everything from hickory lumber to veneer core ply to Medex. For finished sides of face-framed cabinets we run the entire assembled frame right through our LM116 (just be sure to remove screws if you have a narrow stile). For many years we offered a tongue and groove joint as standard for these applications and a simple miter was available as an upcharge. Now the lock-miter is standard. Why not utilize a joint that is both aesthetically and structurally superior while at the same time being just as easy to assemble? The answer to that question is as old the lock-miter joint itself. If one wanted to lock-miter production work there were always two choices, either do shaper setup every time the you had to switch between male and female profiles or run two shapers that have to be perfectly in sync with each other. Need a 45 degree or some other oddball joint? Now you have two more shaper setups, four to get back to 90 degrees. Circle T has solved all of this. Male to female and back again is a simple flip of the switch. Different angles are simply dialed in and verified with a digital readout. The build is rock solid, the knives last a long time and are easy to change to anyone familiar with insert tooling. The power feeder is awesome. Customer support is superb. Thank you Circle T for solving the lock-miter dilemma!

Jason Rigatti

Mill Manager

Modern Cabinet Company